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  1. I interviewed on 11/26, heard about the waitlist about 2 weeks later. I heard nothing until 12/27, when I got an email just saying my "status had been updated in my portal." Scary email, but good news!
  2. Great news on the waitlist, there is still a chance! I called the office of admissions almost instantly after I saw my waitlist status and they said to update your CASPA on any changes at all: work experience, HCE, new classes, etc. I asked a couple of MDs in my office to write a couple of extra LORs for me, but MCPHS accepted me before I could submit them! It was a rollercoaster of events but I'm so glad it worked out this way!! Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone! I wanted to post a note about my experience, hoping some find it helpful. I interviewed and was initially put on the waitlist and was pretty bummed. However, 3 weeks later, I was accepted! There’s truly no rhyme or reason sometimes and it’s all about being patient! If you’re waitlisted, definitely continue to move forward and be proactive with other schools, but don’t give up hope on the waitlist! You may be surprised. Happy New Year!
  4. @PAdreamzzz, did the call come from a blocked number or could you see that it was a number from the Portland area? Hard to filter calls with all the spam going on!! Thanks!
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