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  1. FYI, my count is 10 in the program. Still PLENTY of seats open!
  2. I searched for the group on Facebook, couldn't find it. Started one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2363793043833249/ I will happily close this one if one of y'all has another going--i am not an experienced administrator. For now I will accept any member requests, we can weed any "random" folk out pretty quickly.
  3. Hi Leanna! Super stoked to have a non-traditional student in our cohort! (Not just because I was afraid of being "the old one") Looking forward to knowing more of your story!
  4. So who's in this with us? My name is Stephane, I'm 34 and live in Estes Park, Colorado.
  5. Started a new thread for those accepted: Yale PA online class of 2022
  6. For those of us accepted into the program on the 2019 application cycle. See also the closed FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2363793043833249/
  7. Have your CASPer results been processed yet? I wonder if their decisions were influenced by the test?
  8. I wonder about this too. I suspect they are delaying admissions notifications until the results of the CASPer come in, perhaps just to ensure early applicants follow through with taking the exam. From what I have read, you shouldn't have to do much prep work for the CASPer in order to succeed, so long as you aren't a sociopath. The questions are just common-sense ethical dilemmas. Practice typing up your thoughts quickly, as the time constraints might trip you up if you deliberate too long.
  9. I believe CASPA requires fresh LORs for each application cycle. Yale was not part of CASPA last year, so LORs submitted to Yale are valid for one year. I am with you, it was disappointing to discover that I will need to get all my LORs for CASPA again...
  10. This is my ideal program, I don't know that I will apply to any others... Pretty distraught to have missed it. Emergency at work kept me from it
  11. Did anyone make it to the post interview session? What did they talk about? Any discussion of acceptance letter timelines?
  12. I think if you didn't make the early admissions deadline (mid April?) Then you have no promises for timing... But let us know what happens!
  13. Re: interview style Super low pressure single interviewer style. Kind and encouraging interviewers too. Try not to spin yourself up with stress, they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Just remember what is important to you and speak from that place. You ARE good enough, or they wouldn't have offered you the interview.
  14. Has anyone submitted their application yet? Early decision deadline is April 15 I think.
  15. This thread is for the 2019 application cycle (classes beginning 2020).
  16. August 31. But maybe they are only just now getting to those submitted that week?
  17. Ditto. I wonder if it's just because of the timing of submission (first come-first serve) or because our apps were less competitive? My GPA was solid, (3.5 All coursework, 3.8 sciences), and but I lacked a clinician's letter of recommendation...
  18. For you interviewees: When did you guys submit your application? What about your CASPer test?
  19. @Alyssastanley@SuperAgonist@bbrewer@BlairBear November 2nd PM interview folk want to meet up for breakfast that morning or dinner the night before? I can help with transportation, driving through Denver Thursday evening and can help with rides Friday morning from the vicinity of Parker too.
  20. Not intellectually hard, It's all ethical dilemma scenarios. you have five minutes to answer groups of 3-4 essay questions. I don't type fast (the GRE written portion was crazy hard for me) so I found it to be really difficult.
  21. I think the only courses which need to be taken at D'Youville are biochemistry, human anatomy, and patho.
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