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  1. I also only got an email about the background check. Are you guys local? I'm not really familiar with the area. I am starting to look up the rooms/apts but not really sure which neighborhoods should I seek or avoid. Any ideas?
  2. Hi! My questions may sound naive but I've never taken a student loan before, thus extremely unexperienced on the matter. I'd really appreciate your input. My family has funds to help me cover 1 year of tuition. So, I'll need a loan for about $20K for the 1st year and then about $60K for the 2nd year. So, what do I do to save on interest? Do I apply and accept $20K now and then apply next year again and accept $60K then? Or do I apply only 1 time and accept the whole $80 now? Any ideas/tips for my situation?
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