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  1. Yes but I haven’t heard back from those. Have you?
  2. I am a fully licensed, certified Physician Assistant that has committed at least two years to the VA in exchange for the HPSP scholarship. I am most interested in working at a rural CBOC but am open to many locations and specialties. If you know of any upcoming opportunities or have tips on getting a job at the VA please feel free to private message me. Thank you all so much!
  3. To everyone that got the scholarship and graduated this year: Does anyone have jobs yet?
  4. Hope2PA did you end up finding a job? Have any advice?
  5. Curious for those that received the scholarship… does anyone have jobs yet?
  6. For anyone in the “alternate” status: I’m a first year PA student and 2019 recipient of the HPSP scholarship. I got two status notifications that I was an alternate, one early June and one in July. I found out the first week of August that I was awarded the scholarship. If you’re an alternate, don’t lose hope!
  7. I was number 25 on the waitlist and took my name off as I was accepted elsewhere. Hopefully this helps someone else!
  8. Accepted from the 11/13 interview!! Anyone else from that day? It was such a great group of people!
  9. Any advice on taking the MAX from the airport vs getting a rental car would be greatly appreciated?
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