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  1. Hey everyone! I'm a current GVSU PA student. Classically, acceptances are sent out around Thanksgiving (I think my year we heard 1-2 days before Thanksgiving). So I'd guess you'll all be hearing soon
  2. Hey everyone! I’m actually about to give up my seat. I accepted a seat at another school closer to home. I hope one of you gets good news!
  3. My cGPA is a 3.9, and sGPA is 3.79. I have around 2500 hours in CNA/nurse tech hospital positions, 304 GRE (147 quan, 157 verbal), 5.5 writing. I think one thing that they look for is strong community service and volunteering. I led students from my university on a few volunteer trips and then have volunteered here and there in various medical places throughout my undergrad! I am a first time applicant and still in undergrad so this is a total dream come true. I was really nervous about my poor GRE quan score but I feel like everyone has some part(s) of their application that they wish were di
  4. "We are asking all candidates to make personal arrangements to ensure their attendance of this important event." - from the email, so I'm thinking possibly no alternate dates ?
  5. I got the 18th as well, looks like that might be the one day? I was wondering the same
  6. that makes sense! so us non-CMU alumni can expect to hear later? Trying to remain patient ?
  7. Not that this helps because I've yet to actually be admitted anywhere, but my GRE score was not great. At all. 147Quan, 158Verbal, 5.5 writing. Clearly math isn't my strong suit! I do have a 3.939GPA, 3.8science GPA, and 2500 hours as a nurse technician at a hospital. So that probably helps me, but if I don't get in this cycle I'll definitely retake the GRE!
  8. Wondering the same! I'm from a different university in Michigan but am very interested in CMU's program ? the waiting game is the worst!
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