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  1. Just received a email for an interview invite, haven’t scheduled yet though
  2. I just received an interview invite for Tuesday November 27th!
  3. I got the interview invite on Friday October 19th
  4. I have an interview for November 10th at 7:30 am!
  5. I got confirmed for that date, and I am Group B! Hope to see you there ?
  6. Just received an interview invite for Friday November 10th!
  7. Thank you!!! and yes I will definitely let you know how it goes ?!
  8. I just got an email today, they sent me two dates (November 2 and December 7) I selected the earlier one but they haven't confirmed it with me yet.
  9. Congrats!! My interview is on October 16th! Best of Luck to you!
  10. Just received an email that I have been invited for an interview
  11. Figured since this wasn't made yet, I might as well start it.
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