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  1. Hi everyone, This year will be my second year applying to PA program. I didn’t have quite an easy experience finding PA to shadow. I really want to get some shadowing hours this year to make my application better. Any idea how can I get some shadowing experience? And how many hours should I get? (I have a full time day shift job) Thank you
  2. Classes wont start till mid August. Finger crossed! Thank you for your advice
  3. 46 seats total. I know that sounds like a long long shot. I just want to see if there is hope. And if anyone has ever been accepted from being #25 on the list
  4. Hi, My top choice school finally ranked us. I’m #25. Is it too long of a shot? Or is it still possible? I don’t really know how PA school waitlist works. How much movement would it get? Any advice would be helpful!!!!
  5. Anyone knows what’s happening next at this point besides waiting? Do we know how many seats left?
  6. Congrats to you all! That is very exciting. I'm on the other hand...waitlisted =0.
  7. Same...I literally check my email every minute each and every day ever since. Hopefully we will hear something from Helen soon.
  8. Have anyone in the Oct interview heard anything yet from SLU? Wonder if anyone got their acceptance email?
  9. There are five interview dates. Oct Nov Jan and 2 dates in Feb. 20 interviewees each time.
  10. Thank you. Hopefully you all will get an interview soon. :)
  11. I dont mind sharing that info. But maybe not on the forum. However, i can tell you that we all from all sorts of backgrounds this morning.
  12. Since it's my first interview and also a first interview in awhile; i was a little nervous! Everyone there was extremely helpful and nice. So that helps tremendously. Kinda introduce yourself, group activities, mhmm campus tour, then mini interviews with multiple faculty members. You need to be prepared but don't be nervous.
  13. Just got through my interview today. keep my finger crossed
  14. I got an email saying that my application has been reviewed and scored. But I haven’t got Invited for an interview yet either. Still waiting
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