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  1. I just got my phone call from Kate!! So excited!! Has anyone started a class page?!
  2. I just received my acceptance phone call off the waitlist from Dr. Meehan!! I'm so excited for this program!!! Anyone who was accepted are you planning on living in an apartment/house and do you need a roommate?
  3. Great thank you so much! And what do you mean by situational?
  4. Hi! What was the group process like? And do you remember what the writing sample was about? Thank you!
  5. I received an email today for an invitation to interview on Friday 11/9! Does anyone know what the interview process is like? What was the group interview/writing sample about?
  6. I heard people found out they were accepted by phone call last year a day or two after they interviewed! But it’s hard this year because that week is Thanksgiving. I’m hoping they do it before so people can celebrate with their families!
  7. I was also placed on the waitlist, have they filled the class?
  8. We should be finding out our admissions decision today!
  9. I received an invitation to interview at this school on Sunday 9/30!
  10. Awesome that's so quick! Thank you for getting back to me!
  11. How long after you interviewed did you find out you were accepted? I just interviewed there on Friday 9/14!
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