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  1. I haven’t received further information since paying the deposit to save my seat. Have you sent in the second half of payment? I figured once that is paid they’d send all info on the fb page
  2. Hello, 2019-2021 member here. I start in May and was wondering if anyone had any experience or knows of someone who does and could give me info on good off campus apartments? I’m coming from Texas so I’m not familiar with the area at all. Thank you.
  3. Sent in my caspa July 28, interviewed October 15, received an acceptance call/offer October 16. Good luck everyone!
  4. Anyone have an interview with the University of Mount Union on Oct 15 or already had one? I have to fly to Ohio from Texas and I booked a flight for that evening after the interview (7:51pm would that be enough time to drive 30 minutes from the university and make my flight?) also my check out is at 10am from the hotel. I just realized I have no where to leave my luggage while I’m at the interview. Has anyone ran into this problem? Do you think they would allow me to take my bag with me and leave it somewhere on campus while I interview?
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