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  1. I also declined my accpetance so hopefully more people will be moving off the waitlist. Goodluck everyone
  2. Just received my acceptance call! She said they will still be sending emails but they were given the go ahead to start calling early.
  3. I received my acceptance call yesterday! I wouldn't be worried about it. I called last week because I was offered an acceptance at another school and let USF know so that I wouldn't have to pay a deposit when I didn't need to. They told me last week and yesterday morning that they wanted to let people know before Thanksgiving but I don't think they have made most of the decisions. I think that email was sent just to update you so you weren't stressed over the holiday! Hope this helped and good luck
  4. Congrats! Did they say how long from your acceptance do you have to pay a deposit to secure your spot?
  5. How long after verification did it take to receive the supplemental? I was verified on 9/13 and I haven't gotten them yet.
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