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  1. Meeee! I got a C+ in gen chem 1. I did really well in gen chem 2 and orgo 1 though. My acceptance is conditional upon retaking gen chem 1 with lab. So I’m just taking that at a community college and I’ll be good to go!
  2. I was in the 11:30 session too! Hopefully you get your call soon!
  3. I was accepted the other week and just wanted to let you guys know that I’m now declining the offer because I was accepted to my top choice today! So that will help open up a spot. Good luck guys!
  4. Good! The questions sometimes were a little difficult but really try to draw on your experiences in multiple areas of life to apply it to the questions. Like I said, I was a little intimidated just because they smiled/laughed/gave feedback very minimally and so I didn’t know if they liked me. But they give you tons of time to answer and there’s no rush to blurt something out. So just take your time and think for a few seconds before you answer!
  5. Oh and I forgot to say about the interview! So there were about 80 people in the session and they started us out in a big room and had us write a short essay (nothing crazy). Then they told us a bit about the program and had current students that started in August tell about their experience thus far and they answered most of our questions for us. Then they divided us up into small groups and we went to do interviews. I was interviewed by 3 members of staff and had 2 other applicants sitting next to me answering questions. There were like 6 questions total and whoever came up with their answer first would just go for it, kind of like popcorn style until all 3 of us answered the question. Then after that, we went to a classroom and they ran us through a PBL session so that we could see their teaching method in action which was very unique and fun and really stood out to me. Overall they are just really different from any other program I’ve seen. When you go to the interview, keep in mind that they discourage competition and emphasize working as a team. Everything is pass/fail in the program and they don’t encourage students to compete with one another which is a huge relief. I enjoyed my interview session! I would say that because you’re interviewing with 2 other people that the interviewers don’t show much emotion or response to your answers so that all candidates feel like they were treated the same. For that reason I was scared because the interviewers seemed a little less personable and didn’t seem to give much of a response to my answers and so I felt like I didn’t know where I stood. But just realize that they have to be that way with the way it’s set up. sorry for the long winded response but I hope it helps everyone with the next interview session! Be yourself and you will be fine! Good luck!
  6. Sure! Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh, degree in Emergency Medicine Cumulative GPA: 3.6 Science GPA: 3.6 HCE: ~5000 hours as an EMT and Paramedic Research experience at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, 1 year Experience as an EMR instructor, 3 years
  7. Just got a call offering me acceptance! Be on your toes everyone! Good luck and congratulations!
  8. On the 29th they had a morning and afternoon session with like 80 people each. So if the 10th is the same, it will be over 300 people interviewed between the 2 days ?
  9. Update: I was just offered acceptance from the Oct 1 interview! Very excited to have my acceptance. For anyone who knows, how long do I have to make a decision on their offer? I have another school that I’m hoping to hear from soon and want to weigh my options!
  10. I interviewed October 1 and I see a few people were told they were in the hold category and 1 person accepted. I still have not heard back ?
  11. Hey everyone! So I applied and have everything taken care of but I am super nervous about whether or not my one class meets their prereq standards. I took statistics in college and aggressively avoided algebra or any other math class. Does anyone know if STAT qualifies for their math prereq or am I totally done for? also, Pennsylvania applicant here! Best of luck to everyone!
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