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  1. @suepe I am honestly having a hard time remembering. I think it’s was similar to the exams, I believe that was how I studied for it & still ended up with an A... Sorry I’m not very helpful!
  2. I'm in my mid-thirties and starting PA school this next year (yay!!). I've spent the vast majority of my adult life living alone but recently I've been living with my grandmother who has dementia. I'm debating between saving some money and having a roommate next year or rooming on my own. In recent years I've appreciated having somebody around the house, but am concerned that rooming with a/an classmate(s) may cause additional stress in an already stressful year. I'd love some thoughts and insight from those of you who have already gone through this journey.
  3. I interviewed on December 7th in the morning group & received my acceptance email at 8:58am today!!
  4. I completed Micro & Biochem through UNE. I hate online classes so for me I chose to take them at UNE so that I could finish them at my own pace. My experience with Micro was similar to that of nattyb. Though I found it quite stressful having so much of my final grade dependent on the one final exam! Biochem was a bit more work. I ended up with a B- in that class but I also had to complete it in 3 weeks due to some personal issues so I was happy with my outcome given I was still working during that time as well. My biggest issue with Biochem was that it was a new professor, all the materials were from another professor and the new one didn't seem to know what was going on. The new professor would contradict information presented by the new professor and he seemed to grade the required discussions in a rather haphazard manner. But as I mentioned before, I needed to complete the material in a truncated timeline so I was a bit stuck. Hope you find this helpful!
  5. For those that haven't heard anything, have you interviewed? If so, when? From what I recall from my 11/7 am interview group, I believe they said 1-4 weeks regarding their decision. Though I think we're all hoping it's sooner!
  6. I’ll see you at the 12/7 interview! Unfortunately no accommodation recommendations, but I’ve found yelp super helpful for just such occasions.
  7. Nothing here. I’m not taking the CASPer until the middle of December so I wasn’t sure if I would hear anything before then...
  8. Has anyone been accepted and not had your CASPer test completed yet? Or has everyone already completed the test before receiving their acceptance?
  9. I received a phone call today for an interview - don't lose hope! Keep in mind, people may be accepting offers at other program so spots are going to continue opening up.
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