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  1. Got an email yesterday - my application is on hold pending a potential invitation for interview
  2. Has anyone still not heard anything?! Checking my email 50x a day
  3. Just heard back from my recruiter that they are looking for class of 2020 and class of 2021 students now! So that is great news. Will I still have a chance if my application gets sent in the beginning of November?
  4. I haven’t heard yet! But looking at previous years and even this cycle, it looks like decisions always go out on Fridays! So fingers crossed it’s tomorrow
  5. Nikki said she would send it around if someone did make one. When did you interview/hear back?!
  6. I haven’t heard from them yet, they said four weeks from interview and tomorrow marks that day
  7. Awesome thank you! I hope I hear this Friday!
  8. Hello! I know it’s been a while since you attended the open house but if you can remember - is the 3.4 recommendation only for BCP and last 45 or for cumulative too? Also, has anyone reached out on when we should start hearing?! Thanks!
  9. Congratulations!!! Do you know if your interview was the first or were there some before you?!
  10. What number did you guys call? I applied in the beginning of May and have not heard anything.
  11. They stated at the interview that they would both email and send a letter for decision
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