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  1. That’s pretty much it , I emailed and they said after interviews are done and the class is filled they’ll start sending more information , anyone heard anything else ?
  2. did anyone receive their acceptance email as yet?
  3. Accepted 2days ago via phone call !! I interviewed on 9/21 good luck everyone
  4. I submitted my app on 5/13 and I received an email today asking if I’m still interested in the program ...anyone else got the same thing ?
  5. Does anyone have an estimate of how many people have been accepted so far ?
  6. Hi guys, does anyone have any advice for the interviews? Like prepping or atmosphere? I’m super nervous! thanks !!
  7. Anyone removed from the alternate list as yet ? Just wondering ...
  8. I was also placed on the waitlist today. Don't know how I feel as I haven't really heard of anyone being taken off of the waitlist from previous forums.
  9. will be interviewing on 7/12 too!!, any advice/info from past or current students on how the interview is? need to calm my nerves so I will greatly appreciate it! also, good luck to everyone else who got interviews!!
  10. Ok so im not the only one lol, idk if I should send an email asking about it, they did say they're releasing a new supplemental app this year?...
  11. Hi, just wondering if you received the supplemental application as yet? I submitted my Caspa on 5/10, verified 5/13 and confirmed that same day. I have not received the supplemental so just wanted to know.
  12. I too have not received any other email besides that one. My application was verified 5/13
  13. Hey did you receive a date/time yet? I just got an invitation as well! Was wondering if I should ask or just wait for the email for date/time lol Good luck to you !!
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