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  1. First off, I am sorry to hear this as this is nothing that anyone wants to hear. I wanted to know how you found out about your courses? Did you contact them or did they notify you? You said you took graduate level courses does this mean you earned your Masters?
  2. Was it because it was expired or what was the reasoning? I will send them an email. I appreciate your help.
  3. Where do you get the substitution form and is that something you need to fill out now? It says that they give preference to the highly recommended coursework, I wonder if they would take those into consideration as my prereqs are outdated but took those courses recently.
  4. Congrats to all that received an acceptance! I pray continued blessings over you all as you take this next step.
  5. Yeah I can see how it may be unfair but at the same time when you get your interview, God’s willing, you will have something to show and tell them which shows them you were still being active while you waited for a response from the schools you applied to.
  6. For those that submitted the secondary already, has anyone received any news of an interview etc.? Does anyone know if they are sending secondaries to everyone. On the website it says qualified but not sure what their definition of qualified means.
  7. I applied a little bit earlier and I still haven’t heard anything and I live in Texas so you’re not the only one my friend.
  8. Did they tell you how long they would take to get back to you on acceptance etc? How long was the interview? Did you interview with two professors or were they people affiliated with the school.
  9. For those that attended the informational sessions or have already interviewed, did they mention how many interview sessions they would have?
  10. Congratulations to all that were accepted. Blessings!!
  11. For this that received an interview, when did you all submit your app?
  12. For those that interviewed yesterday how was it? Did you all received bad weather?
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