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  1. Got an invitation to interview for January 30th... seems super late but I'll take it!
  2. Got the email that HSU had my application in total on 7/2/18, still haven't heard a word about interview invites... ?
  3. Anyone hear about acceptances from the 10/1 interview date?
  4. I know the interview style is MMI for UTHSCSA, any tips from anyone? Are there "outrageous" stations that were crazy, any traditional stations...? I'm assuming around 8-10 minutes per station, can anyone confirm? Thanks!!
  5. I interviewed at the 9/15 morning session, still NO phone call.. glad to hear we're all in the same boat and I didn't miss anything...just a waiting game right now
  6. Received an interview invite for 10/1, see ya'll there! To those that have heard of acceptances, when was your interview and when did you get the call?
  7. Howdy! I am a 1st time applicant, I submitted my CASPA on June 4 Received an app under review email from UNT on July 3 Received interview invite for UNT on July 16 Will be attending the September 15, 8AM session.... can't wait to meet everyone else there! Nervous but super excited for interviews tomorrow! Hoping this rain won't cancel the campus tour!
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