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  1. Also waitlisted. I’m starting to wonder if they waitlisted everyone that they interviewed?
  2. Hey guys! Have they mentioned whether or not the entire class is seated yet?
  3. No phone call yet! I’m obsessively checking my phone, hoping for the best!
  4. Hi all! So the initial interview email said between the hrs of 8AM and 3PM. So once we have our check in time (mine is 11am), that means we do not need to come any earlier than that, correct? Thanks!!
  5. Hi!! I received an interview invite for Feb 2nd as well! Does anyone know if there are any other date options aside from the 2nd?? Thanks!
  6. Yes please share if/ when you get a reply! I applied very late as well and have heard nothing. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if they will be extending any more interview invites this year?
  8. Hey all! Does anyone know if SCU practices rolling admissions? Any feedback is much appreciated!
  9. Hi all! Does anyone know of they’ve sent out any rejections yet? Thanks!!
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