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  1. Hi! Same here. I'm curious how late their interviews go and how many open seats are left.
  2. If you're staying that night in Manchester that might work. I should be done by around 5pm.
  3. The pm session interview starts at 12:30. I did book a hotel, I'll be at Holiday Inn and Suites - Manchester Airport. It was around $100/night. I'm actually staying for close to a week so I can explore the town a little. Hoping to get a good idea of the area, since I'll be moving from the west coast if I get accepted. That's nice you don't have too far to travel.
  4. I'm flying in the evening of the 15th. I think it would be fun to meet up with anyone who is interviewing that day ahead of time. Let me know if you're interested!
  5. Hi! I was rejected from Boston (not invited to interview) and then invited to interview at Manchester and scheduled mine for the 17th pm session.
  6. Hi, I recieved the same email. Did you ultimately get an interview offer? I'm interviewing at Manchester 1/17.
  7. I was invited to interview and chose the January 17th pm session. Is anyone else interviewing that day? I would love to connect and maybe meet up beforehand!
  8. Hi! I'm interviewing tomorrow and was wondering if anyone else who was interviewing 10/22 would be interested in meeting up tonight. Excited to meet everyone!
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