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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist, but will be rescinding my admission for a different program, if any of you are holding out hope there’s 1 spot opening up! Good luck to all of you !
  2. Hey everyone! To any of you that already interviewed and got your decisions, did most of you hear back if you got in within a week of the interview or was it more like 2 weeks? Currently on a little bit of a time crunch and trying to allot my time and resources properly! Thanks!
  3. To any who were interviewed, was there much of a time to express anything about yourself or your application, or was it directly a Q&A with the interviewer? I've noted that many interviews are crunched for time and very rarely do you get time to say much more than what they ask you and you're rushed off to another portion of the interview. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you all!
  4. @hhhunter I haven't heard anything back from them yet, and I believe they said they wanted to have everything sent out between December 1st-15th.
  5. I haven't heard back from them, I even emailed recently to ask if the class had been filled yet, as I understood they wouldn't/couldn't tell me my place in the waiting list, but again, I haven't heard back from them.
  6. Anyone know how many more slots they have left for the class that haven't been taken/accepted?
  7. @studyblue congrats! I just hope I'm not very far down the list lol, but I appreciate the heads up, I didn't know if they had started sending out the invites to others on the list yet or not. No idea on the FB group.
  8. Has anyone who was waitlisted been contacted since the original email you received? Thanks!
  9. @rej1993 Thank you for the info! Hoping that possibly after today they'll send out invites to the members that are up next on the waiting list, if they haven't already. Again, much appreciated!
  10. Hey all, I was on the waitlist as well, can any of you that were accepted from the beginning elaborate on how long they said you had to decide if you would be attending or not? Thanks for your time!
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