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  1. A little delayed, but I received a counter signature early last week! Haven’t received the official email yet; I think that comes closer to the end of the month. For those who are curious of how to tell if you have a counter signature, it’s viewable on the last page of the contract when you download a copy from the portal. Not sure if all of the counter signs have been sent out yet. If other scholars are interested, there’s a Facebook group that recipients have been using to network... It says “Dental Scholars” but it’s really for everyone https://www.facebook.com/groups/1820397311536409/
  2. Received a finalist phone call (which was very unexpected) followed by a confirmation email today. Hoping more PAs here good news soon!!
  3. Congrats for everyone how received a finalist email! I think you can feel pretty optimistic that the contracts will be countersigned Historically, a 2nd round of finalists get notified a week after the 1st round so try to keep your chin-up up if you haven't heard back yet!
  4. Well... some of the MD and dental students have received their finalists emails today (posted on sdn). Any PAs receive theirs? Still crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes!
  5. I know it’s not a guarantee, but I literally started crying when I saw the credit check. Pro tip- I had to create an account with credit karma to see it because it didn’t show up on Experian. Sending out positive vibes to everyone!!
  6. Thought I would share this post from the SDN for anyone who is curious about the next steps Dates may vary between application cycles. Wishing everyone the best of luck!! Fingers crossed that there's a strong PA representation amongst award recipients this year
  7. I'm not sure, but I read through the instructions after I first submitted my application and then frantically resubmitted it with the required information.
  8. Colleen should be sending you an email soon with that information. PM me if you still haven’t seen it after the holidays and I’ll have the admin invite you
  9. Same! I’m pretty sure we were in the same interview group fingers crossed that you hear back good news!!
  10. Got a call earlier today offering me a spot!!! So incredibly excited and can’t wait to join everyone in June (we’ll be moving from the Midwest). Just because I know people will want to know: - Overall Science GPA: 3.88 (I do have an F on my transcript from a Modern Physics course) - Overall GPA: 3.69 - GRE: Verbal = 158 (80%), Quant = 152 (42%), and Writing = 3.5 (42%) (but GRE honesty doesn’t matter for OHSU) - PCE/HCE = around 10,000 (80% of which was direct PCE) - Volunteering = 200 hours (including time spent with underserved communities) - Shadowing = 100 hours (MD, PA, and NP) I invested a lot of time into making sure my personal statement and essays reflected my unique experiences and passions. Also, the best interview prep I can offer is to be yourself (honestly drove me nuts to hear, but it’s true) and reflect on the experiences that got you to that point.
  11. Has anyone heard how many spots are filled already? I know they’ve offered acceptances to a few applicants already, but they never completely fill their class before interviewing everyone (last interview is usually mid-January).
  12. I received a call from Dr. Wright on Monday (interviewed 9/29); still doesn't feel real to me! Good luck to everyone who has upcoming interviews or is waiting to hear back! I know they said that most people won't find out about their status until Dec/Jan so please do not stress!!
  13. Some schools are very strict about their interview offers and the date they give you is the date you get. If you can’t make it on that date than you forfeit your interview. Other schools are more flexible and offer you multiple dates that you can choose from. I’ve only had interviews overlap once so far this cycle (fingers-crossed) and I emailed the 2nd school to see if I could reschedule for an alternative date (which I’m able to do, but it will make it harder for me to get into their program since they use rolling admissions). In my experience, OHSU is a pretty considerate program; my interview offer last year came with 4-ish dates and I was asked to rank the top three that would work. They did their best to give students their top choices, but I end up with #3. On a side note, I got married in the summer while applying for PA school and we delayed our honeymoon until the spring (March) before school would have started. I always encourage people to apply early, but I think it would be unlikely that you would get interviews scheduled for right away in June (even if you submitted early-May). July/August would definitely be a little riskier! If you do delay wedding plans, just be aware that some schools do have later interviews and I still had to turn down an alternate spot because of our honeymoon. Hope that helps!
  14. Thank you!! And yes, I was an out of state application and ended up on the alternate list last year.
  15. So excited to have an interview scheduled! I’m a reapplication who interviewed last cycle. Sending out positive vibes and wishing the best of luck to everyone applying this year!!
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