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  1. I was at one point in your shoes as well.l was debating PA versus MD for awhile. I’ve been working in healthcare since I was 19; I’m turning 26 next month just to give you an estimation of my time line. I did my first application this cycle, my stats at 3.75 sciences, and cGPA: 3:85. When I first started I was die hard med school. But as I worked more with the doctors and PAs I realized the lifestyle I desire was PA. I never thought one path was easier than the other just there’s the length of each program that varies. PA school is highly competitive, the acceptance stats are very similar to
  2. Personally I wouldn’t disclose that information unless they ask. I think it’s something many programs know applicants are applying to more than just their program. And if you are competitive (which it seems to me you are) it gives you more power to explore all your options and find a program that fits your needs, and cost of each program. Also depends on if you need a seat deposit to hold your acceptance, that itself can lock up your funds momentarily. The only way I can see how it can benefit you by disclosing this is if the interviewing schools find you a good match and offer an “early
  3. Ms. Green sent out an email early Monday morning stating there was a Fresno update webinar at 4pm that day. Not much new information if you attended the other webinars. They just now can safely say they have the building and applications are still under active review. I would just double check the email you used for CASPA and check spam too. In the webinar she says that the emails are blasted to all applicants. But I didn’t get the first webinar notification before, I added myself to the admission mailing list and now I receive the emails. Check the Samuel Merritt PA admissions events page the
  4. Just received a confirmation email yesterday that my application is under review, submitted 9/3. Fingers crossed for a supplemental.
  5. You have good experiences. Waitlisted is still good, there’s movement in majority of programs. It’s still relatively early in the cycle for acceptances so I wouldn't say there is something crucial you’re missing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Only the top 5% of applications are invited! Your application has landed you a couple interviews so that says you meet their requirements now you just have to persuade the interview committee. From personal experience I know that a GPA wouldn’t guarantee you an interview. Its really the overall picture. Nail your personal statement, ensure your LO
  6. I have a few questions, what programs are you applying to? I would only apply to schools that are holistically reviewing applications and give heavy considerations to the last 40-60 units . Have you used the same LORs for all cycles? What kind of positions do they hold and look for what your dream programs recommend. Your PCE is good and you shadowed a good amount to understand the scope.
  7. I am by no means a PA or MD, I currently work in a CVICU so I will just state my understandings and the data from notable sources so you can advocate for your son’s friend in the best position. From my understanding coumadin is typically used for the mechanical valves, since they have a higher likelihood of forming blood clots. But they last the lifetime. However these are typically suggested for younger patients with life expectancies of several decades. Being active will collide with this patient being on a blood thinner so there may have to be a change in lifestyle. The tissue va
  8. APPLY! Yes if it is provisional you may still take your PANCE and become a PA-C. It’s a great school and has a great track record for a new program. It’s only a problem if a school is doing poor, usually the ARC-PA places programs on probation until their next site visit and if there is continuing problems in the program whether it’s student/faculty ratio , curriculum, PANCE results of previous classes then it loses accreditation. But if they lose accreditation it just means that they cannot admit students. I would be more cautious applying to schools that are currently on probation with an up
  9. Currently regretting applying very late. & Congrats to all those who interviewed and the acceptances/waitlists. I emailed Ms.Hinz for a follow up to see if they will conduct more interviews for those of us still wondering. Will update once I get an answer.
  10. Yup everything stated above ^ Yeah basically majority of the webinar was about the Fresno campus expansion. They will be accredited and Dr.DeRosa was very confident in it, it’s not being accredited as new program but rather being a satellite expansion of the Oakland campus along with finding preceptorships in the Fresno area. Thus ARC-PA will accredit it as the same “continuing accreditation” as Oakland. It’s in the heart of the heath service district for anyone who is familiar with Fresno. There is also a difference of tuition in Fresno due to lower COL something around $20k. Fresno and
  11. The link for anyone who wants to watch the webinar: https://www.samuelmerritt.edu/admission/mpa/events
  12. Just a general webinar information session. I thought since maybe it was an update on Fresno campus why I didn’t get the email. My apologizes.
  13. Just an information session today, sorry! I’ll be watching and give you guys updates.
  14. Weird. I didn’t happen to get that email. I opted out of Fresno expansion. But as stated above it says application update? Congrats to those if it is a step closer for an interview!
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