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  1. Has anyone that has been accepted figured out their housing yet?
  2. I'm not sure. I feel like there wouldn't be many spots left since they have been interviewing/accepting people for months now. But then again, why would they continue to hold interviews if the spots were already full. I really don't know!
  3. For those of you who have been accepted and/or have chosen Drexel's program over other programs, would you mind sharing what helped you make your decision in choosing Drexel? I just received an interview invite for Jan 29th but have already accepted a spot in another program. I'd like to compare the programs a little before making the trip out there :)
  4. No, I haven't heard anything since I received the Interview Reminder email on October 3rd.
  5. Congrats!! I have my interview coming up in November... any specific advice?!
  6. Hello! Question about the supplemental application fee - I was verified in CASPA on 8/30 but did not apply for PCOM until 10/3. I received an email from CASPA that my application was submitted, but I have not heard anything back from the school yet regarding the supplemental fee. Should I be expecting to receive this soon?
  7. Does anyone know the status of how many spots are still available at the New Jersey campus, or if they have many interview sessions left? Wondering if it would still be worth it for me to apply or not.
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