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  1. I got waitlisted, I am hoping for the best outcome. Congratulations to everyone that got in, you all deserve it. It is a very competitive program, at the end we all tried our best.
  2. I receive the confirmation email that I have officially summited my application this morning and my last name is martinez de Jesus.
  3. I interview 10/16 and I just got my invitation to move on to the next step. Good luck everyone!
  4. I applied during the first week of July and I was invited for the interview on September 28 2018. I interviewed 10/16/18. I think my personal statement truely help me stand out as well as my recommendations. I talked about my background and the inequality of healthcare in my communities. Message me for further questions.
  5. Good morning @Omoham My stats are not very impressive, i completed my prerequisites courses in two community college and at CSU Stanislaus. I worked as a physical therapy technician for three years and recently completed an internship through Health Career Connection. overall science GPA 3.24 Overall non-science GPA 3.43 If you have any other questions, Let me know. Otherwise have a beautiful and healthy day:)
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