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  1. Maybe she couldn’t reach you! But if you got a letter then I think your accepted, because when she calls she says an acceptance letter is on the way!
  2. Still in shock after receiving the call, I've been accepted from the 11/19 interview! You guys, there is always hope this was my third cycle! Never stop trying! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  3. Hi! So I'm wondering since there were already acceptances, would it be too late to apply? I'm assuming the program has rolling admissions?
  4. I got an invitation for that day too! I'm so excited! See you there!
  5. If anything you can call them to see the status of your application. If you think you might miss something.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if these will be the only interview invites of the year?
  7. Hey guys! I have received an interview invite for Dec 7!!! I'm super excited but I'm just wondering though, is the current class full? When I interview would I have a chance at being in the current class or would I be waitlisted? I'm only saying this because they started their interviews back in Aug and I'm afraid with the small class size they already picked the everyone for the class.
  8. Hi everyone! I just got an invitation to interview as well! The earliest day for me was 1/9, and there are a few more interview days left, so stay hopeful!
  9. I agree with @aberino! Everyone I met at the interview were all really amazing and I’am so excited to have received an invite for the secondary application, especially since I thought I stumbled in my interview! However, that makes me wonder, did the admissions committee send secondary applications to everyone who got interviews? Or did they narrow down some?
  10. That sounds great! I’ll be there! Anyone else interviewing is welcome! Can’t wait to meet you guys!
  11. Reading from prior forums some people received scholarships! So I’m thinking that there are definitely financial options.
  12. Hi guys! I’m new on the forum and can not be more enthusiastic for being invited to a interview on the 18th! In previous years there was a informal meet and greet but this year I don’t think there will be one. So I was thinking maybe we should set up a time to meet up for our dates! Like some of you I would love to meet up and get my pre jitters out before our interview day! I’m not sure how, but maybe we can just meet up around 7pm on the 17th close to campus at Starbucks or another coffee place! Let me know! Thanks, M
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