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  1. Hey guys! Just a PSA. They do send rejection letters for those who interviewed. I just received one via snail mail, so time to focus on other interviews on the horizon! Best of luck everyone!
  2. @RadTek2PA Congratulations on getting the invite today! My advice is to prepare for the interview as best as you can and hopefully it will get some of the jitters to go away! That is what I'm trying to do right now and it seems to be working.
  3. Hi! I'm interviewing on Thursday 9/13 at Midwestern! I was wondering if anyone wants to meet up for dinner and get to know each other the day before the interview on Wednesday 9/12. My cousin used to take me to Arizona years ago and I fondly remember eating Navajo tacos! I was hoping to grab some while I'm here again! Let me know! ?
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