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  1. Aww you are so welcome! You helped me too Christine the queen! ? Not sure if they are still calling people tomorrow, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Good luck to you, you’ll make an amazing PA. ?
  2. Dude...I am so happy for you! Seriously congrats, you deserve this. You’re amazing.
  3. It was good to meet you! I hope we all get in together! Class 53 woop woop!
  4. I sent them an email to let them know my summer transcripts were up in CASPA, and they replied, “Thank you for making us aware. We are in the process of reviewing applications, and will be inviting applicants for interviews in early October.”
  5. I am down to meet up with you guys on the 27th too! Count me in for Costa's. -Greta
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