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  1. @mave6 Thank you for the heads up. This is good to know. Especially because they are focusing on reapplicants.
  2. I am still waiting to hear anything from the school. I have not heard anything since I interviewed in October.
  3. Would anyone that was accepted mind posting your stats? There are several of us waiting and I am curious about how I measure with those accepted. Maybe some others might have the same question. @QB1996 Would you mind posting your stats as you are already in PA school? Congrats BTW.
  4. @AnngiePA Congratulations!! At least we know they are back to making calls. Hopefully the rest of us will hear something this week.
  5. 1st group and still waiting. Urgh...... Those that are waiting are in good company.
  6. @MDBprePA Thanks for calling and reporting back.
  7. @ytheros Thanks for agreeing to post here. It has been a frustrating process with Meharry. You would think with them having a medical school already they would have a clear path to accreditation. And if not, then at least provide better communication than what we have seen. Makes me wonder how organized the program would be if we got in anyway.
  8. I was in the 10/05 group too and not a peek yet. I was hoping to save some travel money and cancel some other interviews but I like several others of us, i will be getting some more Delta Sky Miles LOL
  9. That an interesting idea and makes sense but it's fatal flaw is that it lends itself to the kind of logic I have not seen in this process to date. LOL.
  10. I haven't heard anything yet either. I don't get this process either. Are they making one call every day until they get to 30?? Lol
  11. Congratulations. At least we know that they are now moving the process forward.
  12. Based in them withdrawing their spoilation application, I don't think any applicants are being considered at this time. This is sad and puzzling as they have an existing medical school. They should be a leg up on most new programs. Lipscomb somehow got their application approved without the benefit of a pre-existing medical school.
  13. That's a good question. What are they going to do for the folks with interviews. I guess we can email/call the program.
  14. Thanks for sharing this. At least the waiting game it over.
  15. That's not a good look. I don't see anything on the website about them cancelling the program. Maybe it is just for the app cycle.
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