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  1. I have a conversation scheduled with the program director next week. I will ask what the next steps are and report back here.
  2. Has anyone heard anything back from their interviews? I think folks were supposed to hear something at the end of October.
  3. Any that spoke to the director, did he share any information about what happened or what the next steps are?
  4. The director said that the roughly expect to receive 200 applications and bring in 100 of those for interviews for the 20 spots they have available.
  5. @cmpa2 I am sorry to hear that homie. Good luck at the other places you applied to. We all only need one acceptance, somewhere. ?
  6. Anyone coming in town tomorrow for the interview on Tuesday and wants to grab dinner message me. Or if you need local advice I am happy to share, as I am a local. Good luck all that have interviews and for those in the process I will report back on Thursday with anything helpful that I learn on Wednesday.
  7. @ashleyjade Did you apply to any schools using CASPA? If you did, then that CASPA will show you your GPA. You might be fine. Hang tough. ?
  8. @JGBebbs As a re-applicant, I had to resubmit all my recommendations. The GRE, Transcripts carried over the recommendations did not. They did share with me why I didn't get accepted. My issue was my undergraduate GPA was too low. In undergrad, I retook some classes and those classes replaced the previous grade in those classes on my college transcript but Yale, like CASPA, uses all grades and does not do grade forgiveness. I didn't realize that my school did that at the time and when they calculated my GPA is was below 2.8. ? I took a ton of undergraduate classes this past year to raise my GPA to qualify. My undergraduate cumulative is not great (cGPA 3.0) (sGPA 3.89), but I have some graduate degrees where I performed much better so I am hoping that helps and my science GPA is strong. They will provide feedback on your application but it takes several months for them to get back to you. I think it was February or March when I heard something, which was 4-5 months after the final deadline. Good luck!! I hope we both hear good news this week. ?
  9. @JGBebbs I have not interviewed. I heard from Sanjay last week and he asked me to submit some more documents because I am a re-applicant. I submitted them today I hope to hear back this week about an interview. I live in Atlanta. Have you interviewed yet?
  10. I am applying from Georgia as well. I am waiting to hear back about my application.
  11. I got my under review email on August 14th and I have not heard anything yet either. URG.....
  12. Interviewed 08/24 and put on the waitlist 09/19. Good luck all, that are interviewing and on the waitlist.
  13. Same here. Weird but at least we are all still in the running. ?
  14. @CH0818 From what I understand about the process (I applied last year as well), because they don't use CASPA, the admissions team must do all the verification work themselves and calculate the undergraduate GPA and check all the documents and pre-reqs etcetera. This happens after you submit your application. Once the application team confirms you have all the documents and meet the minimum requirements then they have to create a nice, neat packet for the admission committee to review. It is at that time the application is "complete". This is was I believe Kevin's email was trying to articulate. They forget that we are not part of their process and have no idea what the difference is between submitted and complete. Last year, was the inaugural year and the program was only licensed to operate in something like 15 states. And as it was the first year not as many people knew about the program. Therefore, the application processing times were much faster because the applicant pool was much smaller. This year I believe they are licensed to operate in all 50 states plus D.C. So the processing time has skyrocketed. I too applied about 5 weeks ago and I am waiting to hear something back. I can tell you that I received a rejection letter about two weeks after submitting last year. So that fact that we have not received a rejection letter is a good sign. Hang in there homie and remember you are in good company as you wait. ?
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