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  1. Has anyone heard when we will get more information on things we need or when we will be placed in the Facebook group?
  2. I received the confirmation when I paid the deposit and that’s all. I got an email the other day saying I could set up my Lynchburg email account, but apparently that was sent out by error and we aren’t actually able to do that yet.
  3. Sounds right to me based on the research I’ve done! Do you have any idea about how many of these scholarships are given out a year? I know they’re so competitive.
  4. Has anyone from the 1/12 interview received any further emails about admission besides the one about setting up your login information? I assume we’ll receive another email with more details about the deposit since they stated we need to review that information carefully?
  5. Hi! I have several W’s on my transcript as well and that was one of my biggest concerns about my application. While W’s don’t affect your GPA, they are frowned upon. Because of this, I addressed the W’s in my personal statement just to try to cover myself. I ended up getting accepted even with the W’s so don’t stress too much! Best of luck!
  6. Also got my acceptance call earlier today! So excited to be a part of this program! Can’t wait to meet everyone
  7. Received an invitation to interview on January 12 yesterday!
  8. Received an invite to the Nov. 1-2 interview! Very excited to meet everyone!
  9. Ah, thanks for your response! Sent my app in a little later than that so I’m still holding onto hope that I’ll hear back. I think they typically interview through October/first week of November. Did they say that would be their last interview session? Congrats on your other interview!
  10. Thinking of applying to this school but am hesitant to do so because the program does not matriculate until May 2020, right?
  11. I was a little late to the game for a rolling admissions school, but submitted my verified app in July. Haven't heard anything back yet besides the initial email that they were reviewing my application. Did anyone else apply that late?
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