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  1. I did. Don't think the person who calls you matters much though.
  2. Yes. In my opinion that is exactly what is happening. According to the number of people on the facebook group for admitted students, the incoming class has almost been filled up. There are only a handful of spots left.
  3. Received an acceptance email! Interviewed 10/21.
  4. To my knowledge there are only 2 interview sessions - 1 in sept and 1 on Oct 25th. I’m not sure if they’ll add another interview session, but in my opinion it’s not very likely.
  5. Just gave up my seat. So someone might be getting off the waitlist!
  6. Received interview invite today for 10/21. Received confirmation for app completion 8/13/19.
  7. Interviewed on 7/24. Accepted 7/30 for dual MPH/PA.
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