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  1. No, once you submit your essay, it cannot be edited afterwards on CASPA.
  2. Yes, they sent me a confirmation without me having to do anything. I got that general reminder a few days prior to that email. Though, I had already sent my CASPer scores prior, so I did not reply to that general reminder email. Hope this helps.
  3. I am unable to find the program on CASPA, is anyone else having this issue???
  4. If we submitted our app with the letter from an PA/NP/MD/DO already through caspa (in my case I have 3 LORS), do we need our letter writers to actually email their LORS directly to the email provided in the confirmation email? I have sent in the supplemental payment and it was updated with a date on the right column. However the section for the letter from a clinician is still blank. Can anyone confirm?
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