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  1. Did you get an update via email about the virtual interviews for mid-May and June?
  2. I'm wondering if Mercer might start doing videoconferencing interviews due to the COVID19 pandemic?? I know of one other program taking that action.
  3. Anyone have interview for April yet? The coronavirus is probably going to have a impact on all of this so wondering if they will be holding off on interviews??
  4. i submitted my application in November also and have not heard anything except an email stating my application was complete and under review. I am a reapplicant, was waitlisted last cycle ,so staying positive!
  5. I'm on the waitlist for Knoxville, interviewed January 23. Keeping positive! Does Knoxville call it a waitlist and Harrogate call it an alternate list?? Is there a difference on how waitlists and alternate list offer seats?
  6. Anymore activity on the alternate list? I received an email Nov 8 asking if I wanted to remain on the waitlist, and of course I do, Mercer is my top choice! I also applied to the current cycle that opened Nov 1!
  7. Did anyone who was on the waitlist from last cycle get an interview yet?
  8. Anyone know how many are on the Alternate List??
  9. I also received an email yesterday stating I made the alternate list. I'm staying positive a spot will open up too!
  10. Has anybody heard anything back from the May 13th interview date?
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