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  1. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    I think I'm one of the last interviews of the week. Friday @ 3. I was also wondering how many were interviewing.. I'm excited!
  2. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    Thanks for the info!!
  3. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    @AK1995 I almost took that time, but decided on the end of the day instead! I'm at 3:00 on the 18th! I'm not sure about the writing sample. I did 1 for dental hygiene school, and it was "give someone directions on how to wrap a gift." I'm not sure if this will be the same sort of thing.
  4. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    I got mine too!! Congrats!! I will call tomorrow morning to set up my time!
  5. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    220 that were submitted and complete. A friend of mine is friends with someone up there.
  6. Last year it seemed like it was assumed they did them alphabetically..
  7. Mloud

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    Hey! Just saw that you responded.. never read that on their website. Good to know! I do know that they got 220 verified apps.
  8. I haven't seen a thread for this school yet! Anyone else waiting patiently to hear back from NSU?
  9. Mloud

    2018 - 2019 applicants

    Congrats!! Did you interview on Friday? I've been waiting for some activity on here! I've not heard anything about my application, but every time someone posts about interviews it always seems to be such a positive experience!
  10. Mloud

    Trouble Deciding

    I'm in agreement with @UGoLong. If you are even considering DO school, and you have a supportive wife, with no children, you should strongly consider that option. You are so young. Although it seems like the med school route will take much longer, you will find that time passes so quickly. The older you get, the faster it will pass!
  11. Mloud


    @Phoenixfire24 you still have 9 other schools you have yet to hear from!! Stay positive, and don't give up hope!
  12. Are there sites set up to do rotations, or do you have to find your own?
  13. Mloud

    GRE official

    I had a school tell me that they can't review my verified application until my GRE scores are marked official and not just recieved. My scores were received by caspa last week on 9/7. How long do they take to get "official?" Is this normal?

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