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  1. Hi, I'm selling my uworld account. I have used approximately 60% of the question base, so there is 710 questions remaining. Great for anyone who wants quick question base right before taking the PANCE. Asking for $70
  2. Hi! I just want to say not to give up! It's more common than you think when it takes more than one try to get in, and the more you improve yourself and your application throughout the year, the higher the chance of getting in. I personally know a lot of people who got in their third or fourth try and it means nothing about them as a person, rather that it's just really competitive. Personally, I didn't get in my first cycle and got rejected left and right but as I got more PCE and improved my grades, this cycle I'm having a lot more luck getting interviews (and trust me, getting rejected is still a common thing now)
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