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  1. I just received my acceptance package! But I will be declining my offer as I've been accepted into another school! It was so great meeting everyone! Good luck to you all, and do not lose hope! Happy holidays to all!
  2. I'm sure you all know I meant *accepted haha. Just realized this but thank you so much for that. Case is my first choice program so I'm praying on it.
  3. When is the latest you find out if you're a crowd off of the waitlist?
  4. I've been placed on the alternate list for the program! Fingers crossed I get in
  5. Hi everyone! I received an interview invite for Dec. 7th! I'm so excited! I'm coming in from Chicago!
  6. Hi, I interviewed in November and I received a GRE score below 300!
  7. I just recieved an interview invite and confirmed for Dec 8th at 9am! I'm coming from Chicago!
  8. Hi! I'm coming from Chicago and I'm not sure. The letter I received doesn't tell me if I'm in the morning or afternoon. I have to call them. What about you???
  9. hi. yes I have my bachelor's and all of my pre reqs complete.
  10. Hi anyone want to set up a mock interview? We can ask each other questions to prepare for the interview.
  11. Does anyone know if we can bring our suitcase to the interview and leave it somewhere? I may be flying out soon after the interview.
  12. I am also down to meet. I have not booked a flight or a hotel yet though.
  13. I just got an interview invite? Does anyone else already have a BS and their pre-reqs done? Do you know anyone in previous cycles that was also in the same situation and got their classes waived and graduated earlier?
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