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  1. Thank you! Good luck to you! Yes Austin is fantastic, it's changed a lot over the last few years though. But lots of amazing greenery and live music is amazing, well when COVID isn't a thing.
  2. I agree with the above poster about not sharing your stats. It's really counterproductive. I can tell you the last cycle I applied to there were definitely people who had much more impressive stats than mine but I still managed to get an interview. As Tylmchl mentioned as long as you meet the requirements it really is anybody's guess on what they're looking for and worrying about other people's stats just adds unnecessary pressure and doubt on whether you belong here. Just make sure you really knock it out of the park with your essays and show them that you belong in this program.
  3. Wow congratulations to everyone who has already received an invite, I'm just now finalizing my essays and waiting for final grades for the semester. I'm a research associate from Austin, Texas.
  4. Yes, they do. I applied two years ago and received an interview despite less than stellar grades.
  5. I'm sorry to hear you got waitlisted. That is still an accomplishment, hopefully someone gives up their seat and you get in.
  6. Did they call or email you? I guess I should hear soon then. I interviewed on the 2nd.
  7. Anybody in the second round of interviews know when we should hear back with either a rejection or acceptance?
  8. It took mine about two weeks before I received the under review email. Submitted it the 24th and received an email on the 11th that it was under review.
  9. Y'all I just received an invitation to interview. This is the only school I have applied to and want to apply to, so I'm totally having a mini panic attack right now. I honestly did not even think I'd get an interview invite, but I was hopeful.
  10. Congratulations to everyone who received acceptance notifications already. That's so exciting! My application went into review on Monday, so I'm sure I'll be on pins and needles for the next 6 weeks waiting to hear back.
  11. Wow, not going to lie reading the stats for some of those who received rejection emails is disheartening. I was not the best undergraduate student, so my GPA is the bare minimum. I have a Master's in exercise physiology and did very well in graduate school but obviously, they look at everything, and seeing people with far better credentials than I get rejected makes me think I have little to no chance of getting in.
  12. Congratulations and good luck! Ah, I submitted my application a few days later, on the 26th, but my application wasn't complete until after that thanks to a straggling recommendation letter. So I hope I hear back soon with either a rejection or interview request, I just can't stand the waiting. LOL. When do you have your interview?
  13. No kidding, I've gone through this thread and have seen all the people that have been accepted and tried to do the math on how many seats might still be available. If I don't get in this go around I'm absolutely applying by early decision next year now that my pre-reqs will all be complete.
  14. @ashleyjade Thanks! Good luck to you as well. It's the one and only school I applied to this cycle. So I have extra anxiety about it.
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