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  1. Hey guys! I know I’m premature, but I’m interviewing September 6 and trying to wrap my head around fees and financial needs for the future(I over plan and over worry, what can I say?). I can only find a breakdown of year one on Emory’s website. Since the majority of year 2 is clinical I’m wondering if it’s the same as year one. Has anyone found a resource for this? Thanks in advance!
  2. The March 2019 deadline applications were to start in October 2019. I interviewed in April 2019 and had an odd experience to say the least. They had one more round of interviews after mine, not sure exactly when. So when you say you applied for 2019-2020 I’m assuming you mean this cycle, which means interviews are completed. They weren’t going to know about their accreditation status until June. I was placed on the wait list and they said if they pull from the wait list it could be any time up until the first week of classes. So, if you haven’t gotten an interview I wouldn’t think they would be doing any more. If you are referencing the next application cycle I would expect them to wait at least until their accreditation status is known if not until classes are under way. Hope this helps.
  3. Not necessarily! It's rolling admissions so if they don't fill the class they will be doing another round. I don't know how many rounds so far, but I know we find out at the end of the day if we are accepted or not so I can definitely update you after the 26th. Keep your head up, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never give up if it means something to you! I'm 33 and already have a masters degree and I listed to people when I was younger who told me it would be too hard, too expensive etc... You can do this, keep on working towards it!
  4. I received an invite for an interview on 4/26 today. Anybody else?
  5. So presumably there will be more interview invites? Or would they go back to others they have already interviewed?
  6. Have any of the October interviews heard anything? I'm anxiously awaiting an invite and living vicariously through you all in the meantime!
  7. Congrats and Good luck. What was your timeline from finishing your application to receiving your invite?
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