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  1. Not necessarily! It's rolling admissions so if they don't fill the class they will be doing another round. I don't know how many rounds so far, but I know we find out at the end of the day if we are accepted or not so I can definitely update you after the 26th. Keep your head up, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never give up if it means something to you! I'm 33 and already have a masters degree and I listed to people when I was younger who told me it would be too hard, too expensive etc... You can do this, keep on working towards it!
  2. I’m just looking for a little feedback if anyone would be willing. Augusta is my top choice of schools, however, I’m 33 and not getting any younger so I’ve applied to other programs as well. I felt like they were more fall back schools than anything else. I applied to Augusta last cycle and didn’t get an interview. I don’t know what was disqualifying, I was a little shocked, honestly. I thought I would at least get an interview. I received what seemed like a cookie cutter rejection letter than said work on your grades, get more experience, etc... Honestly I felt like everything was pretty up and up. The only downfall, even though my overall GRE is good, my quantitative was on the lower end. Everything else was higher to help drag it up so I thought that may be a factor? I got some feedback about retaking it and everyone said no way. I’ve now received an interview invite from a fall back school and the program begins October 2019. I feel like I would really be taking a risk if I hold out for Augusta. Maybe I should just take what I can get? My question to you is, given my stats below, what do you think my chances would be if I reapplied? Obviously nobody knows, but just kind of looking to see what your ideas are. Any feedback is greatly appreciated . The only difference between now and when I last applied to Augusta is that I revamped my personal statement and I will no longer have prerequisites pending. When I last applied I had one prerequisite in progress with 2 more pending. Given that there won’t be much difference I’m thinking I have no chance of getting in. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Stats: Currently a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Masters in Sports Medicine. HCE/PCE: 10 years of working in orthopedics: 3 years with sports teams, 2 years in physical therapy, and 5 years working directly for an orthopedic surgeon. LOR: One physician (surgeon), 2 PAs, and one grad school supervisor for my research assistantship. Science GPA and cumulative are 3.33 as calculated by CASPA GRE: 309
  3. I received an invite for an interview on 4/26 today. Anybody else?
  4. So presumably there will be more interview invites? Or would they go back to others they have already interviewed?
  5. Have any of the October interviews heard anything? I'm anxiously awaiting an invite and living vicariously through you all in the meantime!
  6. Congrats and Good luck. What was your timeline from finishing your application to receiving your invite?
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