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  1. Sure! My overall GPA was 3.91 and my science GPA was 3.88. I was a patient care technician with 3000+ patient care hours in various different health care environments ranging from dermatology to a pain clinic. I also had 150+ hours of undergraduate research.
  2. Hello all! I accepted a seat at another school and will be giving up my seat at USD. Hopefully one of you from the waitlist gets a call soon! Good luck to all!
  3. Received a call today that I was accepted off the waitlist! So excited to join this program!
  4. Has anybody had any movement from the waitlist? Patiently waiting and hoping for a call!
  5. I received an acceptance email on Friday! Very excited to be apart of this program!
  6. I received an email from St. Catherine's stating that I am on the wait-list! Excited to still be in the race as I would love to attend this program!!
  7. Has anybody heard back from USD yet? This is the only school I haven't heard from!
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