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  1. The cost of attendance provided by the program should include estimated expenses for books, school health insurance, rent and some other factors. Look into how the CoA is broken down into categories. The way you have your post written sounds a little confusing. The $22,500 is what you have to figure out how to cover using additional loans besides the Stafford unsub. The way my brain works and calculates is apply the loan amount that you already know (Stafford) to the fixed cost that you already know (or at least the closest estimate), which is tuition. If your program tuition is roughly $28,000/year, using all $20,500 of the Stafford loan leaves you with $7,500 of tuition to cover plus all associated living expenses - housing, health insurance, transportation costs, medical equipment, fees, etc. Use the program's provided cost of attendance estimates to calculate how much those additional expenses would cost, and that's the amount of loans you need to get through Grad Plus/Direct Plus/private
  2. I interviewed on 10/3 so the response was way faster than I was expecting
  3. I am so happy to say that I got the call at 8:30 tonight and I'm super excited to join the class of 2023! Good luck to everyone still waiting, this is my first acceptance and the process is definitely brutal. Keep pushing!
  4. I received an interview invitation yesterday (10/3) for this Thursday October 8th!
  5. I think they'll be sending it Friday morning. I was looking in my emails to see if I had been placed in an interview group but one of the interview confirmation emails says that Friday morning before the meet and greet that night, they'll send out more info so I assume that will include zoom links as well as what group we are for Saturday morning. Best of luck and I'll see you there!
  6. I submitted on 5/21 for all of my programs whether they were rolling or not and updated my PCE with any programs I hadn't heard from last week
  7. I got an interview at another program and rescheduled UNT for November 14th, which is their last interview date apparently. Good luck everyone!
  8. My main dilemma is that the next date for UTSW is the end of November whereas right now I don't know any other dates for UNT but it's likely not as far away. Both programs look like they interview 3 people for every seat in the program so there isn't really better odds for either one. It kind of comes down to interviewing on the 3rd date for UNT and UTSW or the 2nd date for UTSW and 4th date for UNT
  9. I'm so grateful to receive an invitation to interview for Oct 3rd! I have UNT already scheduled on that day so now I'm not sure what to do because they're both in my top 3 choices
  10. Nope! I submitted 5/21 and got an email 8/25 saying that they are in the process of reviewing applications and will be sending out invites late in the fall semester and that interview dates weren't set yet. I guess it could still be a while...
  11. I just wanted to update this thread by saying that I received an interview invite today! They said that once I confirmed my spot, they will call me to set up a date. The email also said that completing CASPer was a requirement, so I asked them to check their records since I already took it and they confirmed they received my scores. Good luck everyone!
  12. I received an invite for the October 3rd group today! I'm super excited because this is one of my top choices. I'm a Texas resident CASPA Submitted: 5/21/2020 CASPA Verified: 5/26/2020 cGPA: 3.68 sGPA: 3.69 GRE: 310; 5.0 PCE: emailed last night to update to 2400 HCE: 400+ hours Shadowing: 118 hours Teaching Experience: 473 hours LOR: 1 MD, 1 supervisor and PA, 1 dean of my college, 1 clinical supervisor
  13. I submitted my applications in May/June for programs that were both rolling and non-rolling. My PCE at that time was around 1700-1800 but I've added almost another 600 since then. Should I update in CASPA and/or let the schools know? I've received 3 interview invites from the rolling schools but haven't heard from any other programs and I didn't know if updating my hours would have any positive impact on that. TIA!
  14. I also received an interview invite this afternoon! Does anyone know if the zoom interview also includes other presentations and meet and greets like other programs? I saw so many open dates so it seems like the interviews are strictly individual CASPA Submitted: 5/21/2020 CASPA Verified: 5/26/2020 cGPA: 3.68 sGPA: 3.69 GRE: 310; 5.0 PCE: 1800+ (affected by COVID) HCE: 400+ hours Shadowing: 118 hours Teaching Experience: 473 hours LOR: 1 MD, 1 supervisor and PA, 1 dean of my college, 1 clinical supervisor
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