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  1. Do you happen to know how many DC they've taken 2018, 2019, 2020 for PAs? Or if it's trending up or down perhaps?
  2. Hey guys. I am accepted to PA school that starts August 2019 and will graduate December 2021. I did not apply to the cycle that closed in February 2019, that would take effect Fall 2019(I think?). I have considered applying in August 2019 for the next FY that opens in October 2019, but I'm not sure it would be worth it as I would be in school already. I would really appreciate any opinions on this. Secondly, if anyone has any first or secondhand knowledge about direct commissioning as a civilian PA after graduation that would be extremely helpful as well. Thanks, Sam
  3. I'm interested in this information as well. Have you gotten any other responses or info you can share?
  4. Does anyone know if there is a FB page for Class of 2021 yet??
  5. Anyone else heard from 10/19 interview date recently?
  6. So is the Army not needing as many PA's for deployments currently?
  7. CASPA verified: July 18th Application under review: July 31st Interview invite: August 29th Interview date: October 6th (afternoon) cGPA: 3.66 sGPA: 3.52 GRE: 158 verbal, 156 quant, 4w 1500 hrs as medical scribe 400 volunteer hours in various clinics/hospitals 30 hours shadowing, mostly MD shadowing though 100 hours in undergrad research 2 LOR from MDs, 1 LOR from professor First time applicant! Best of luck to everyone!
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