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  1. Hey, I ended up just paying the fee last cycle because I didn't hear anything back after 3 weeks!
  2. I was recently looking into the program and would love any insight if anyone has information! I'm definitely considering applying.
  3. Hey everyone! I didn't see a thread yet for University of Nevada, Reno, so I thought I would create one. Best of luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  4. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle. I recently learned about this program and am excited to apply and learn more!
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Orlando area. I am willing to drive further out of the city (anywhere between Clermont and Melbourne) for an opportunity. I currently have experience working in a primary care practice, and worked in the Emergency Department for a few years, so I would love to learn more about other specialities. Looking forward to hearing back from someone. Thank you.
  6. Received denial email today. Applied August, received review email on 01/10/2019. Best of luck to everyone waiting and Congrats to everyone accepted!
  7. I'm happy to see they're finally in August! I got my confirmation email on the 29th, and am anxiously awaiting just "application under review" email just so I know my application wasn't skipped over!
  8. I don't believe anyone answered your question so I would let you know my experience! I submitted 08/28, verified 08/29 and received the email from PCOM with the supplemental fee link on 09/05! So you should be receiving the email soon ?
  9. Sadly received a rejection to both campuses on 08/07/2018. Best of luck to everyone!
  10. My friend sent her updates to RVU and they replied back that they do not accept updates! (To my friend that's on the forum: I use you for so much information thanks for being great and helping us all be informed!)
  11. I was verified on August 29th and haven't heard anything back from either school yet. How long after submitting did everyone hear anything? Thanks!
  12. I just received the supplemental fee email, a little over 2 weeks after submission, incase you haven't already gotten it! Now the real waiting begins! ?
  13. I've been questioning this myself. I'm assuming they do not accept anyone until after the deadline? That's the only way I can see this making sense!
  14. Glad to finally hear how long it took! I submitted 7 business days ago, and am anxiously checking my email several times a day ?
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