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  1. There were around 20 candidates at the 10/26 interview I believe
  2. Same! I've been obsessively checking my email all week. Hopefully their 2 week window actually means 2 weeks. I might go crazy if we have to wait much longer.
  3. I received my invite on November 1st. Anyone else coming from Denver by chance?
  4. Thank you! App was verified 7/12 cGPA - 3.70 sGPA-3.90 GRE: 309 5,500 hours as ED technician
  5. Received an interview invite this morning for October 25th! I'm in disbelief.
  6. For those that got the email about an interview, will this be your first interview? First cycle applying? Is Idaho State your top choice?
  7. I got the same email today!! I'm so relieved. Good luck!!
  8. Scheduled for an interview on Sept. 10th! If anyone else is scheduled for this interview day and would like to meet up on the 9th for coffee or lunch let me know!
  9. cGPA-3.7 sGPA-3.9 PCE-5500 hours as ED Technician GRE-309
  10. I got it too! First school I've heard back from. Pretty exciting. Good luck to all.
  11. Pre-PA student here, bear with me.... 7) Initial troponin readings do not rule out an MI. You would run serial troponins, every 2-3 hours. Troponin elevation can often be delayed by up to 6 hours I believe after an infarction. 8. The patient being tachycardic, tachypneic, and with an elevated white count means that the SIRS (Systemic inflammatory response syndrome) criteria is met, and sepsis protocols should be activated (i.e. NS or LR bolus' of 30 mL/kg of patient's weight administered, barring no hx of renal failure or CHF, draw a lactate and 2 sets of blood cultures and send to lab, and administer a broad spectrum antibiotic) 9) Not sure 10) monitor patient's blood pressure and oxygenation closely, as both can tank quickly with severe sepsis. Continue to give antibiotics and arrange for transfer
  12. Hey guys, Not sure if anyone has heard anything back yet, but I just got a confirmation email yesterday from Rush saying they received my verified application and that it is under review. It says to expect some response back within 3 weeks. I submitted caspa app on 7/9 and was verified on 7/11.
  13. I agree. The first thing I noticed while reading through was the absence of any mention of the PA profession until the 5th paragraph. Also I'm not sure if having one sentence (in your conclusion), is where or how you'd want to address what you did to improve from last cycle to this cycle. Have you thought about using an editing service? I know some of the big PA websites offer paid editing services, but there are also several past-accepted PA students on this forum who offer affordable editing services that are of great value. I know applying to PA school already costs an arm and a leg, but my opinion is that an extra hundred dollars for a skilled editor is well worth the price if it means you have a better chance of getting accepted, and not having to do it all over again. Good luck!
  14. Submitted 7/9/19, verified 7/11/19. All transcripts and LOR's were sent in in may.
  15. Hi there, While I'm admittedly no expert, I'd be willing to read it over and offer you feedback on flow and other minor things if you'd like a fresh set of eyes on it. Take my advice with a grain of salt though, as I'm a first time applicant. Also, if you would be willing to glance at mine, I'd love for some feedback as well. No worries if not though.
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