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  1. After receiving the acceptance call, about how long did it take to get an email?
  2. Stay positive! I haven’t heard back either and my interview was in November
  3. Got my acceptance call also today! Interviewed on January 15!
  4. I’m still waiting also!! I’m hoping for good news!
  5. How would you recommend preparing for the writing portion?
  6. Thank you for sharing! The only thing I find weird is it seems no one from November 8th morning session heard back? But I assume same, also hoping for the best!
  7. Has anyone who interviewed and not heard back reached out to the program inquiring about their status? If so, what did they say?
  8. I was offered an interview invite for January 15! Good luck to those accepted and still waiting to hear back
  9. Congrats! When was your interview and when did you find out you were accepted? I’m still waiting to hear back from my interview
  10. I also interviewed on 11/8 in the morning, but have not heard back yet, has anyone else heard any news that interviewed that day or the earlier date?
  11. I was offered an interview for November 8th as well! Good luck to all interviewing! I submitted on 9/17 and took my CASPer on 9/16
  12. @surfingpenguinI received an interview for the 15th and I am flying from Florida as well! Which part?
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