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  1. Hi Guys! I understand that BPU doesn't give out interview invites until after the deadline on 10/1, however, I went to their Class Profiles page and it shows the class profile for class of 2022 (i.e. the applicants applied this year). Does this mean they have already went over the applicants to be interviewed after 10/1? What does this mean?
  2. How do you know interview invites are given out in December? I didn't see this info on their website. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Was wondering where on the school's website was this stated? I was just on their website looking for dates for interview invites but could not find it. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! Would vascular sonography count as a direct patient care experience? "Vascular Sonography Technologists are important members of the vascular team. They work closely with radiologists, cardiologists, and surgeons. Vascular technologists assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of disorders affecting the vascular system. Vascular technologists perform non-invasive vascular exams in order to assess for vascular disease or disorders." "They are unique in the medical imaging profession because they work with a high level of independence. One
  5. That is awesome! Congratulations! How did your interview go if you don't mind me asking? Also, do you mind sharing your stats?
  6. How does this work? Does this mean that by 8/1 (the deadline) if you haven't heard anything regarding an interview/rejection, the interview sessions are closed meaning the class for 2021 is complete and you'll be receiving the rejection letter after? Or does UB even send out a rejection letter at all?
  7. I found it! Thank you! Ahhh I'm so happy!
  8. Not to CUNY York as I'm only applying to schools that doesnt require the GRE (it's my weakness on my application). I'm having a hard time looking for CUNY school of medicine on CASPA. I can't find it on the search program, any thoughts on this? these schools are different from each other right?
  9. Oh, that's weird, because under the PA program requirements, this is what it says
  10. Hi, Silly question. I want to apply to CUNY school of medicine (SOM), located in NYC, NY. I'm aware that CUNY york college is located in jamaica, NY. I also saw that CUNY york college requires the GRE while CUNYSOM does not. I saw on CSOM website that their application will open today, due on 1/15/2021.. problem is, I only find CUNY york college on CASPA. I really want to apply to CSOM , just having a hard time locating their school on caspa to apply. any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  11. hi fellow BPU applicants! submitted 5/29, verified 6/1 confirmation email received 6/2 so excited for this cycle!
  12. Applied on 6/1! Haven't received a confirmation email saying they received my application. I also reached out to the admissions early last month to confirm that they don't require a supplemental application, haven't heard anything back. Not sure what's going on, but hopefully we'll get something soon!
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