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  1. Any word on the accreditation status? I checked their website and I don't see an update from the March meeting.
  2. Got my interview invite last friday, December 14! I submitted CASPA in May, turned in my supplemental in June, received an update for grades email in August, got the continued consideration email November 26, and then the interview invite! I didn't receive an email to update my grades for Fall semester though.
  3. Any word about the Nov. 30 interview session? Do ya'll think they're gonna postpone the date to later?
  4. Anyone who interviewed here before know what the dress code is for the dinner with students? My default is business casual but my fear is it might be more formal than that.
  5. I submitted May 27, got the update email (the one explaining how they were gonna start reviewing apps in September) July 23rd. I got another email on labor day saying they had closed my application because of a prerequisite, but I called and it was a mistake, so they reopened it. Hope this helps!
  6. Received my invitation for the supplemental just now!
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