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  1. I was alternate #3 and just got an acceptance call from Mrs. Murphy yesterday! She said that they're currently on spring break, so I don't know if that will temporarily slow things down at all, but the list is moving people!!
  2. I just got an email as well! (around 11am). My last name starts with an S and I'm from Tulsa, if that's at all helpful!
  3. Those of you who have received invitations already, did they come as an email or a phone call? Just curious. ?
  4. Hey, I just wanted to pass on little info that I gathered after talking to Ms. Murphy at one of the info sessions: The application is rolling, yes, but they'll hold spots in the class until all the interview dates are over. They have 1-2 interview dates each month between September and February. And! She said she won't necessarily base interview offers on when everything was turned in. Since it's rolling, it's really beneficial to have had everything in early, but she could theoretically say to herself, "I think he/she looks like a great candidate; I'd really rather interview him/her in
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