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  1. Does anyone have further information on why a cohort wasn't seated this year at ULV, was it just due to a change of faculty members? Just curious since I was on the waitlist prior. Regardless, good luck to everyone!
  2. Was anyone pulled off the waitlist recently? I was waitlist position #14 on 04/12 so I just wanted to get a sense of where I stand.
  3. Hey everyone, here is my application timeline for anyone to reference- 07/25: CASPA app verified 01/07: CASPA app received 01/28: Supplemental app invite 02/02: Supplemental app submitted 02/09: Supplemental app received
  4. Hey, I'm from the 2/6 interview group and was wondering the same thing. I replied to the original invitation email accepting the date but have yet to receive a response/confirmation.
  5. Hi! Since it seems like the deadline for acceptance offers were 2 days ago (12/16), any movement on the alternate list?
  6. I just received an email that I was selected as an alternate, hoping for the best going forward! Congrats to those accepted and good luck to everyone else!!
  7. Good luck to everyone with your interviews today and tomorrow!
  8. Looking forward to see what interview date/time I have. According to the email, we will know by today!
  9. Does anyone know if the program is holding interviews within the next month? I submitted my application back in July with no response as of yet. Thanks in advance!
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