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  1. Thankyou so much for your perspective! I have been thinking the same thing. Once these little ones get older I'll need to be more available to take them to activities, see who they are playing with, just spend quality time with them, and so so much more! I am also going to be 30 when school would start for me, and would love to add baby #3 soon after. Another really big time-pressing issue is that my pre-req classes that I took in highschool and freshman year are going to expire soon!! I have been watching a lot of videos of moms in pa school, etc and I just feel that its possible like many of you have said.. with a support system and dedicated planning. I'm so happy you commented on my post:)! I wish you the best of luck! I know it is so nerve-wracking and guilt-inducing to think of missing out on so much of our babies lives, but how great it'll be to finish and have more time for them and a great career that inspires us and could support them well.
  2. I'm planning to apply to PA school soon, I have done an internship before in a clinical setting, where we worked with patients who had just seen a nurse, and I would review their blood work, take their blood pressure, discuss what they might be able to do nutritionally, physically, mentally and even emotionally to better their personal health. I was in charge of calling patients back to review their progress, review their charts, explain the nurses diagnosis or suggestions, observe pap smears and breast/mammogram checks, organize community health fairs, and patient group health classes. I am looking to see if my experience sounds like my internship would count towards my HCE hours, and if there are any ideas where or what positions would allow me to use my "BS in Health Science emphasizing in Public Health" degree for HCE? Thanks!
  3. I'm almost done with all my prereqs and then I will start applying to schools in my state. My husband also works full-time and we have no family close by. However, my main conundrum is whether I should wait to start school or not for the sake of my children. Any experience on waiting until your kids are older? I imagine that my kids would be less affected the younger they are when I go through school. I have a NB and an almost 2 year old. (One option we may have would be my inlaws wanting to move closer to us to watch the kids. But that wouldn't happen for at most another 2 years. So perhaps a year into school if I start soon. ) Any experience on having babies and being a momma in school? Any advice on when to start school with little ones? Thanks! ?
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