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  1. I think you may hear things tomorrow. The deposit is due at 5 pm EST today. Once they see how many people pay it and accept the admission, they will find out if they can take anyone out of the waitlist. Good luck guys!
  2. For anyone that got in, are they going to send an email about the deposit and other details? I was so excited that I missed some things lol.
  3. Calls are going out. Thankfully, I was accepted, and got a call. Hang in their guys!
  4. I got my interview invite last Friday, and need to RSVP by this wednesday. I sent the RSVP email on Friday, and still haven't heard a confirmation. Just anxious that I won't get a response, and my invite is gone lol. How long did it take to get your RSVP time wise?
  5. Hello, Did you ever get a confirmation? I got an interview, but still no confirmation email.
  6. Hello, Has everyone been getting the confirmation emails after the interview invite? Still haven't heard anything.
  7. Will IUPUI give a rejection letter? I still haven't heard anything and I am assuming that they have everyone scheduled for interviews already.
  8. So, was your application under review June 18th or July 18th? My application was complete on 6/18, and have application under review on 7/18. Still haven't heard back. Thanks!
  9. For everyone accepted, congrats! I was curious what your stats were. GPA, PCH, and GRE score. I would love to get into IUPUI, and wanted to know my chances. Thanks!
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