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  1. Received an invite to interview Nov. 16th today! yay!
  2. Anyone else receive an interview for November 16th? I haven’t received a rejection or an interview invite so I’m kinda in limbo right now lol. I applied mid June!
  3. I made a facebook group for those accepted! Once accepted, reach out to me and I’ll add you!
  4. Yeah me and evelyn have been waiting for it too, do y'all wanna start some type of Facebook group for our class so we can all keep up with whats going on?
  5. ACCEPTED today around 12 pm!!!!! Fun story - during lunch I literally got so sick I threw up all over the women's bathroom floor and then again 30 minutes later. Moral of the story: if you feel like your interview goes rough, just be thankful you didn't get physically ill!! Apologies to those at my interview that witnessed this! anyway, I still got in! be the best version of yourself and you'll do great! even if you upchuck
  6. Anyone have any hotel suggestions? And is the physical address of the PA Program 2200 Hickory St? 2200 Hickory, Abilene, TX, 79698 2200 Hickory, Abilene, TX, 79698
  7. Sure! I still get confused with the all the CASPA date stuff so the best I can tell you is that I submitted my application around June 21st and didn't have all the transcript stuff entered from the professional service until closer to July. GPA: 3.91 sGPA: 3.92 PCE: ~500 hours GRE: 316 thats all I can think of let me know if you'd like to know anything else
  8. Just received my invite to interview!!! On September 9th!!! So excited I love UTHSCSA!!!
  9. Just received my interview invite for September 4th! Very excited!
  10. Does anyone know if they will be holding early interview invites this year?
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