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  1. Anybody hear from NJ waitlist? I thought sometime in February
  2. just gave up my seat for other acceptances closer to home. hope this opens for another candidate!!
  3. gave up my acceptance from the first interview to pursue another opportunity. Hard choice, seems like a great program. Best of luck!
  4. Does any applicant / current student / alumni have insight into which program to choose? I am having trouble deciding between the two.
  5. Accepted from first interview cycle. Does anybody have any housing recommendations??
  6. Any other accepted students having difficulty logging into the MyPacePortal?
  7. does anybody know how many seats are on the waitlist?
  8. does anybody know how many seats are on the waitlist?
  9. I sent an email yesterday afternoon, no response yet.
  10. does anybody that interviewed remember if this program has SIM mannequins? Also, how do the students get to the cadaver lab across town?
  11. If you do not answer the phone call, do they leave a voicemail? I keep getting a ton of spam calls and I don't answer every number.
  12. Does anybody have an idea of how many spots are on the waitlist? Like is it 10 people or 100!!!
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